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RGB logiciel: More than Software

How does a company define itself?  Certainly not by the number of people who work for it, not by its yearly profit, not even by the products it manufactures. What really defines a company is what its customers can do with the products it offers.

Using the language of facts and figures, the RGB logiciel is a software company with a market global vision that allows the creation of flexible and collaborating business solutions. In a few words, the RGB logiciel is deeply engaged in the customer’s integrity, innovation, added value and satisfaction.

Freedom of choice

RGB logiciel means something different for each and every one of our customers. This is true since it is unique in satisfying the personal requirements of each of them. While offering our customers freedom of choice, the best partners and the best technologies, RGB logiciel also provides them with the power of making their best ideas come true, regardless of their origin or the system with which they are going to work.

Our open architecture and flexible solutions will provide your organization with a maximized value power that will allow you to use any software to collaborate with any other business partner or customer you may want to work with. In the modern digital economy, this means competitive advantages based on the capacity of sharing commercial processes, work flows and other varied information within the whole universe of your company.

With such freedom of choice from an unlimited quantity of collaboration processes, you will be able to benefit from the best ideas in your business area. On the other hand, this will help you increase your profits, reduce your costs and optimize your assets.

A Collaborating Business

It was precisely this kind of collaboration that allowed Márcio Henrique Barros to put his own idea into action. Using the initials of his family names to form RGB logiciel, he opened a new era in business software. The new company’s mission is to provide its customers with competitive and innovative solutions and a quality support.

Our Culture

RGB’s best idea, regardless of all innovative technologies, is in its founder’s principles of action, who tries to create an environment where patience along with meticulous research be really valued, avoiding hasty decisions and guaranteeing the customer’s total satisfaction. Emphasizing quality within a stimulating environment, RGB logiciel is the ideal cradle of innovating technologies and satisfied customers, facing a bright future.

When doing business with RGB logiciel, feel ar ease.
Your partnership with us is based upon quality, honesty and integrity.

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