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Products Working in the same Way

Open, scalable, innovative, these are RGB’s main characteristics, making it the best choice to produce a quick change in your business and its conditions. We have a wide range of products that provide exchange of information between each stakeholder connected to his or her organization – from the managerial staff to the employees, partners and customers.  
Unlike many other software suppliers, we allow you to choose the solutions you need to solve your current problems. We integrate our solutions to your environment, without changing the way in which you do business. Other companies require that you use just your own solutions which will necessarily follow their own business methodologies. Our component-based architecture eliminates this factor in order to scale your operation more easily and add functionality while you do business. 
Our products follow preestablished corporate patterns in order for you to easily add them to your recording systems. This also facilitates the integration of both suppliers and partners’ systems, whether they are RGB logiciel or not.


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