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Services that Maximize your Potential

Besides our excellent software, RGB logiciel offers first-rate services focused on present and future needs. Our training, consultantship and support services offer you everything you need to make the most out of your business. Should your business requirements change, we can always help you increase your systems even further. 

 Development and Web Management

Our work covers the creation of Sites and Portals that reflect the company’s image on a virtual environment. For that purpose, our professionals will help your company define a better WEB marketing strategy and the best content for your site, as well as the right way to update them.


You need to feel comfortable with the software and be proficient in it in order for you to benefit from RGB services. The RGB logiciel offers a wide variety of training options on the web. 


Our consultantship service will go along with you before and after its implementation, making sure that all those benefits you want be fulfilled. If this means world implementation, state-of-the-art technology consultantship, or day after day consultantship, our team is engaged with your success. 


We keep your systems working uninterruptedly, with accuracy and with a four-level professional support. Our world support offers you Web knowledge management service, electronic self-service tools, proactive communication, Web discussion groups, software updates and highly qualified on-line telephone support consultants.


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